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24/09/2015 A significant change has occurred on the site since I last updated this news feed. The "Blog" link has been altered, as my old horror site has now been closed. It now heads towards my dissertation creative element - a blog called "The Life of Alfred Hobbs". More details will be disclosed once I have added the aforementioned assignment to the "Projects" section.

15/03/2014 My passion for short story writing has finally paid off; thanks to a magazine called "Dark Places", whom has decided to publish one of my yarns. The issue, in which it is featured, has received a 5 star rating on Goodreads and is available to purchase on Amazon right now. If you enjoy exciting fantasy and fiction narratives, it's definitely work having a look.

10/01/2014 Good news everyone! I have been shortlisted in the 2013 New Media Writing Prize for my "Ghosts of Yamarāja" interactive story. If you would like to vote for me, I'd be extremely grateful. Wish me luck!

08/12/2013 There is a new project on my site. It's a visual narrative called "The Ghosts of Yamarāja" and can be viewed within the "Projects" section. I would also be grateful if you could send me some feedback after using it, which can be done through the "Feedback" page or you can send it directly to me. Hope you enjoy the story!

20/09/2013 I'm pleased to announce that my short story - "The Angel of Judgement", is a finalist within the 18-21 category in the Laura Thomas Junior Short Story Contest. There were 300 international entries within this category, so I'm pretty chuffed. If you haven't yet read it, please do, you'll find it in the "Projects" area.

14/02/2013 I have started a new blog called "Super Horrific". It includes reviews, news and features for the supernatural horror genre. To access it, simply click on the "Blog" tab at the top of the website.

11/12/2012 More projects are up on the site today. These include my "Adaptation Essay", and my group's "Conformity Experiment Report". You can find them within the projects section.

10/12/2012 Two new sections have been added to the site (on a roll lately). The first is an "Artwork" gallery, and the second is a "Feedback" page. As always, these can be accessed from the toolbar at the top of the page.

08/12/2012 A new project has been uploaded. It is my "Research Portfolio", which examines a 7 day news cycle, whilst also analysing current News Theory. Check it out by heading to the projects page (it may take a few seconds to load up, as it's a larger sized PDF file).

07/12/2012 Another new section has been added to the site. This is called "My Workplace" and like the others, it can be accessed from the toolbar. Have a look at the place where I've been slaving away, creating this portfolio.

02/12/2012 A new page has opened up on the website. It it called "Photography" and can be accessed from the toobar at the top of the page. This will be updated regularly, so be sure to check it often.

29/11/2012 There are two new projects on the site. One is a review of "Gulliver's Travels", the 2010 film starring Jack Black. The other is a short story called "The Angel of Judgement". Both can be found within the projects section of the site.

21/11/2012 My CV is now attached to the website, you can view this through the toolbar at the top of the page.

27/09/2012 Have finished the first year of my course. As I start the second year, I shall upgrade the site to present more of my new work, and to give the interface a little bit of a make-over.

27/09/2011 I have changed my course at university from Interactive Media Production, to Communication & Media. I'm hoping this will allow me to fullfill my passion for writing, which I discovered whilst progressing through my previous course.

15/03/2011 Evaluation is now up and running too, it contains the pros and cons I encountered whilst working on Recedo as well as the lessons learnt from the project overall.

14/03/2011 The site is now updated with the making of and the research of my newest project. It is taken from my blog, which should be viewed as it has better quality images and image captions for the the animated pieces I researched into.

13/03/2011 I have finished "Recedo" and have uploaded it onto the projects page of my portfolio, have a look and more importantly have fun with it!

11/03/2011 Check out my blog for current progress on my animation! I shall try and keep it updated with the making process as I progress.

04/03/2011 I have started making a flash animation called "Redcedo" (made with a 6 - 12 year old age group in mind), keep watching this page for news of it's completion.

15/11/2010 The theme of the portfolio has now been updated and the project page is running with dummy images.

03/11/2010 The "About Me" page is now up and running, be sure to check it out

02/11/2010 Have made a start on designing my web portfolio!