What have I learned from writing this story?

To create a piece of fiction that works around the brief. Instead of incorporating revenge as a literal meaning within my work, I have used it as an underlying element. By working around the brief, I found that I could create a story that is more personal and more enjoyable to write.

What theme is highlighted within the text?

The story has an underlining element of revenge, as the daughter comes to take her fathers life away. This is due to him abandoning her when the mother died, which is discovered within the central characters death.

What are its strengths?

The story has many double meanings, which means that the story needs to be read multiple times, in order to fully grasp the meaning behind the words. For example, the entire middle section can be seen as the central character afterlife, being judged to either go to heaven or hell by a demon (or the angel of judgement, as the title implies). However, it can also be seen as the act of murder by the daughter, the darkness (falling to sleep), the light (being awoken), the angel calling up the sins of the past, a hand on the heart, then a trip to hell. The end paragraph, which tells of the daughter removing the knife from his heart, is proof of this. Another example of a double meaning is the whiskey bottle, representing life and family.

Which areas do I need to improve?

I tried to create a complex story in a 1000 words and could therefore not include as much detail as I could on the background of the daughter, or the mother's death. Therefore, I feel that in future I should plan the story out more thoroughly, thus allowing me to flesh out the characters in more depth.