The Ghosts of Yamarāja

A visual narrative that combines a multitude of different mediums, such as images, text, video and sound. I also used this platform to experiment with QR codes and how they can be implemented into a cohesive narrative. The results of which is a story that immerses the reader, by utilising a high level of interactivity and an engaging, user-driven plot.

Popular Texts & Intertexts - Academic Essay

This paper explores whether the relationship between a text and its intertexts add to our understanding of each, using J.R.R Tolkein's "Lord of The Rings" series as a case study. It also investigates Tolkein's past, and how his life experiences influenced the work he created. As well as studying the art, music, and other mediums which surrounded Tolkein's upbringing/ education, which in turn, may have inspired the creation of Middle Earth, in addition to the tales set within.

Internet Killed the Video Store - Magazine Article

This journalistic piece comments on the downfall of the physical rental store, due to the rise of services such as Amazon Instant and Netflix, examining the impact it causes on the local economy. I designed the article using Adobe Illustrator, to imitate the format used in the "Total Film" magazine, as if it were to be published within that publication.

Developing People - Workshop Report

In January 2014, I created and ran a one hour workshop titled, "Controlling Your Body in a Job Interview". The link below is the report I wrote describing the preparation that was involved, what occurred during the workshop and an analysis of the feedback I received, both from an observer and the group itself. All of which is reinforced through academic study and visual information, such as a learning hierarchy chart. The presentation slides and activities for this workshop can be emailed to anyone who is interested in either learning more, or would like to run the lesson themselves.

The Life of Alfred Hobbs

This is the dissertation I completed for my BA Communication & Media course. The overall aim was to approach historical fiction through the utilisation of new media techniques, which in this case was a blog (that can now be accessed at the top of the site). For more in-depth information, please read the first few pages of my paper. If you have any questions about my thesis, do contact me by clicking the "Feedback" tab.

Conformity Experiment

On the 22nd of November 2012, I was part of a team consisting of four individuals. The task of this team, was to examine whether internal and external thought processes could influence conformity within familiar and unfamiliar groups. This was achieved by completing an experiment, the details of which can be found on the report, accessed through the link below.

Adaptation - Academic Essay

This academic essay asks the question of whether mass market adaptations make great books go bad. To answer this query, the essay uses two case studies. The first is "The Phantom of the Opera", and the second is "Les Misérables". The study examines the many mediums in which the stories have been adapted into, such as films and stage plays, and constructs an analytical comparison of the two. The bibliography for this paper can be seen at the bottom of the page.

Research Portfolio

This research portfolio is an analytical approach in examining the way the news is fed to us on a daily basis. It consists of four parts, the first is a study of the news cycle (across six days). The second is an analysis of news values, which is similar to the third section, an examination of how news stories are framed and presented to the reader. The last section looks at the sources used within newspapers, to scrutinize whether these are balanced and objective.

The Angel of Judgement

Finalist in the Laura Thomas Junior Short Story Contest, this horror story is about one man's journey into an unknown darkness. To discover more, please click the link. You may also be interested in the evaluation of the text, this will present more information on the different meanings behind the tale. You can find this at the bottom of the narrative.

Gulliver's Travels 2010 Review

This is a review of Gulliver's Travels 2010, starring Jack Black in the lead role. The review concentrates on the film's success/ failure as an adaptation of Jonathan Swift's infamous novel, and is formatted in a magazine-esque style. The manner of the writing is also informal, so as to be fun and easy to read.


My flash animation designed for children aged between 6 and 12. It lasts for approximately one minute and features four alternative endings.

More projects coming soon!